Tavis Doucette


Height: 5’ 9”   Hair/Eyes: Brown



I'm So Lonely I Could Die.                      LEAD                                        Dir. Jeffrey Hoyt

Poor Holly                                             SUPPORTING                                 Dir. Taylor Dearden

Young and Sideways                              LEAD                                        Dir. Sam Shaib

Ian and the Bishop                                 SUPPORTING                                Dir. Ryan Brady             

Some Are More Human                           SUPPORTING                                Dir. Matt Bayer


My Crazy Sex                                         GUEST STAR                                  Lifetime Movie Network

Unusual Suspects                                   GUEST STAR                                   Discovery ID: LMNO Productions 

Journey: The Chosen One                       COSTAR                                Cineplex Studios




Eight Crazy Dates (Web Series)                 Lead                                          Dir. Talia Myers

100 Years of Beauty: Aging                       Self                                           Dir. Blaine Ludy



Edward Albee's The Occupant                 The Man - Understudy                Garry Marshall Theater

                                                                                                                          Dir. Heather Chesley                                   

Mrs. Warren's Profession                         Frank Gardner                            A Noise Within Theater

                                                                                                                           Dir. Michael Michetti

A Tale of Two Cities                               Charles Darnay                           A Noise Within Theater

                                                                                                                         Dir. Julia Rodriguez

Arcadia                                                Valentine Coverly                        A Noise Within Theater

                                                                                                                        Dir. Geoff Elliot

‘S Wonderful (National Tour)                    Man 1                                       Maximum Entertainment

                                                                                                                        Dir. Ray Roderick           

The Girl with her Hands in the                  Klaus Koleman                           Theatrical Gems                         

         Sand(NY Fringe Festival)                                                                                     

Some are More Human                             President Sterby                        Roeblings and Driggs      

          (NY Fringe Festival)                                                                                             

A Midsummer Night’s Dream                   Lysander                                    freeFall Theatre Company            

SubUrbia                                               Buff                                           Killer Stage Company                                         

I Do Wonder                                          Grit                                           Synapse Theatre Ensemble           

One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest            Scanlon                                     Synapse Theatre Ensemble                       



Scene Study                                           Rebecca Kitt                               Rebecca Kitt Studio (present)

ImprovTechnique                                  Brian O’Connell/Zach HuddlestoniO West (present)

                                                            Paul Vaillancourt/Jason Shotts

Meisner Technique                                  Charles Sandlan/Maggie Flanigan   Maggie Flanigan Studio  

Scene Study/Monologues/Shakespeare         John Jamiel/David McDonald        Wagner College (2010)

Monologue/Audition Technique                 Amy Van Horne                          Maggie Flanigan Studio




Special Skills: Bartender (Expert, extensive craft cocktail and beer knowledge, Skiing (expert), Jazz Trombone (9 years), Avid Outdoorsmen (Hiking, Rock Climbing, Camping, Backpacking, Survival Training), Crossfit Athlete, Olympic Weightlifting, Long Distance Running (Marathon), Sports Proficient (Baseball, Football, Lacrosse, Rugby)

Dialects: British (Modern RP), Boston (Southie), New York (Queens, Staten Island)